Blueberry Pet Safety Training Martingale Dog Collar Heavy Duty Adjustable Collar

Title: Neck 12"-16", Width 5/8", Small
Sale price$17.99


Blueberry Pet Spring Scent Inspired Rose Print Safety Training Martingale Dog Collar, Baby Pink, Heavy Duty Adjustable Collars for Dogs.

The story of Blueberry Pet is built on the spirit of unique design, elevated craftsmanship, and premium quality. Within a decade, our brand has been well recognized and loved by pet parents and lovers. We have made history by selling award-winning pet collars, everyday walk staples of harnesses, limitless choices of pet apparels, well-curated pet toys and accessories, pets friendly home decor and matching products for pet owners.

We emphasize elegant simplicity of the details, pay great attention to feasible innovations of mass-produced products and appreciate sense of togetherness from the pet community. This sense of togetherness and continuity enables Blueberry Pet to extend the attention to design, materials and honor the bond between humans and animals. We aim to create functional everyday looks, delight pet parents and make furry friends smile. Made in China.

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