Penn-Plax Aquarium Airstone Cylinder 2 pack

Title: 7/16-in
Sale price$2.99


Each Aqua-Mist Air Stone is a 7/16 inch green colored aerator for your tank. When added to your aquarium, it produces a steady flow of bubbles, providing a better supply of oxygen to your fish.

Why We Love It

  • PACK OF 2 AIR STONES: sold as a 2-pack of fine mist aerators.
  • Uses a standard 3/16 tubing can be positioned anywhere in your tank eith blend it with surroundings or hide it under gravel
  • SMALL SIZED MIST AERATOR: measures at a 7/16 inch diameter (or 1 centimeters).

About Penn-Plax

Penn Plax is a manufacturer of top aquatic supplies and decor. We specialize in creating excellent pet products for animals both great and small.



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