PrideBites Reindeer Holiday Dog Toy

Title: Reindeer
Sale price$7.19


PrideBites Reindeer Seasonal Dog Toy A plush dog toy made up of two layers of DuraBite Fleece with a rip-stop technology underneath. It is stuffed with foam--one of the only foam stuffed toys on the market--that has squeakers encased in pouches that are sewn on to the toy.

All PrideBites squeak, float, are machine washable, lightweight, and are durable. PrideBites are graet for indoor/outdoor, land/water play time--fetch, tug of war, and keep away! It's Christmas dinner, and your family and friends are enjoying some laughs and a hot glasses of apple cider, and then you hear that familiar loud thud! How many Christmas' do we have to sit back and watch our dogs smash their heads on the sliding glass back door trying to chase after the pesky reindeer mulling around on the lawn? This year save yourself a trip to the vet and get your dog one of our awesome Reindeer toys. Our Reindeer floats, squeaks, has 55 lbs of pull pressure and is machine washable. Your dog will have something to be truly thankful for this holiday season.

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